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Aussie Olympics

Australia is one amongst the countries who have taken part in every single modern Olympic Games. They have hosted the Olympic Games twice, in Melbourne in 1956, and Sydney in 2000. They have produced many great Olympic legends. Relative to the population they have one of the best success rates. However, the total medals taken by Australia include 135 Gold, 141 Silver and 168 Bronze. The AOC intends to send Aussie Olympics team of approximately 35-40 athletes to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Read on to know more about Aussie Olympics.

Usually, Australian performed very well in every Olympic Games. However, there is always a huge and great participation of Australia in Olympics Games in very sports. Some of the sports which they usually take part include athletes, basketball, boxing, cycling, diving, fencing, handball, hockey, rowing, rugby, sailing, shooting, swimming, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, water polo, equestrian and modern pentathlon. However, the first time animals were killed on purpose in an Olympic event was in 1900 for the live pigeon shooting event. Moreover, the first women's swimming gold medal was won by the Australian Sarah 'Fanny' Durack, who won the 100m freestyle in 1912.

There are many great Australian Olympic Champions which include Dawn Fraser who won gold medals in the 100m freestyle at the Games in 1956, 1960, and 1964, and in doing so was also the first swimmer to win the same event in three consecutive Olympics. She won a total of four gold medals. Shirley Strickland won seven Olympic medals, including three gold medals: 80 meter hurdles twice (1952, 1956) and the 4x100 meter relay (1956). She has won the most Olympic medals for any Australian in Athletics, and was the first Australian woman to win an Olympic medal in Athletics. The first Australian who won the first gold medal in field hockey is Nova Peris.

Cathy was also won gold medal in an individual event for the first time in 400 meter run. In 1972 Olympic Games, Shane Gould won three gold medals. However, the Australian woman who won the Olympic gold medal in 100 meter dash in 1952 was Marjorie Jackson. Edwin also won gold medal in 800 m and 1,500 m run at the first Games in 1896. However, Aussie Olympics team is preparing in full swing for the upcoming Olympic Games which will be held in 2010, Vancouver.

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