Getting Aware Of The Upcoming Swimming World Championships

Swimming World Championships

The Swimming World Championships which is also known as FINA World Championships or World Aquatics Championships will be held in 2011 in Shanghai, China. This World Swimming Championship is held every two years, in the odd numbered years. After a meeting held on 24 March, 2007 FINA announced that Shanghai had defeated the other finalists Doha. Swimming World Championships 2011 comprises of five disciplines which includes swimming, open water swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming and diving. The following article shares a brief review of the upcoming events in Swimming World Championships 2011. So read on to know more about Swimming World Championships.

The upcoming Swimming World Championships 2011 will be the 14th World Championships of Swimming. The upcoming events of Swimming World Championships 2011 will be held at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. The championship is scheduled to be held starting from 16 July to 31 July; 2011. FINA's selection came on the eve of the 12th edition of the championships. The last Swimming World Championships was held in Rome. However, China has never played host to the championships before with its only other time in Asia being in 2001 when they were held in Fukuoka, Japan. Earlier the Swimming World Championships was held in Rome, Italy. It was the 13th FINA World Championships, held within 19 July – August 2 2009. The first time Rome hosted the event was in 1004. Almost 2,158 athletes competed from different 165 countries. There were an unprecedented number of world records broken at this Swimming World Championship, in part to the use of swim suits. In total there were 43 world records broken. However, the same is expected for the coming World Swimming Championships 2011.

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